What’s Trending Despite Quarantine

On the rare occasion that I get dressed nowadays, I’ve noticed that I’ve been migrating towards the clothes seen in the media, what celebrities are wearing, and what fashion brands are selling for this season. Despite quarantine restrictions, the fashion industry is booming! 

Tie-Dye Prints

Sweatshirt: Urban Outfitters, Bikini: Frankies Bikinis

Out of boredom lots of people have been tie-dyeing shirts, socks, sweatpants, hoodies, pretty much anything tie dyeable in their closets. Brands such as Frankies Bikinis, Urban Outfitters, Free People, and Nordstroms are currently selling tie-dye clothing pieces. I’ve also joined in on the trend wearing my preschool tie-dyed shirt (bonus..now it’s cropped) as I write this post.




Baggy Jeans

photo credit: Levi’s

I’m assuming baggy jeans are trending right now out of comfort or because fashion from the 90s is making a return. But either way, it’s definitely a cute take on denim jeans, especially these Levis. 







Small Shoulder Bags

photo credit: Prada

Inspired by Y2k fashion I’ve seen lots of small shoulder bags especially Prada’s 2000 re-edition nylon mini bag, which now comes in 8 colors, has been seen frequently in the media. For a cheaper take on the shoulder bag trend, ASOS has a few great Y2K styles in a variety of colors.





Ruffle Bustier Tops

photo credit: lulu’s

These style tops give off the feeling that you’re in Europe frolicking around the shops in the sun and with the Coronavirus keeping us from that, just wearing a ruffle bustier top will bring you that sense of nostalgia. Plus they’re really cute and add flavor to an outfit especially paired with jeans.