July Favorites

This past month has felt like a blur of COVID-19 weariness and days that haven’t quite felt like summer. But that hasn’t stopped my constant need to online shop and try new things, every month, so here are my favorite things from July. 

TV Shows:

photo credit: IMDb

The Last Dance, is a documentary about Michael Jordan and his road to a remarkable career as well as the Bulls franchise, winning 6 NBA championships in 8 seasons. Unfortunately, I just got around to watching it but I’m glad I did, I grew up in a large basketball family and always heard about how incredible the Bulls played in the 90s so being able to watch them play, as well as learning new things about the bulls, and watching their current interviews was so real. 




Towards the end of May, I started a movie journal, so basically I make a new spread every time I watch a movie with things like the cast, the director, the year it came out, a few quotes, the genre, my opinion, who/when/where I watched it, sometimes the soundtrack, etc. I definitely recommend starting one if you’re an avid movie watcher. So this July my favorite movies were Almost Famous and the King of Staten Island. 

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Almost Famous is a drama starring Kate Hudson and Patrick Fugit, it’s about a coming of age 15-year-old who’s love and passion for music lands him a piece for rolling stone where he’s tasked to go on tour with the rising band Stillwater. I loved the plot, the actors were fantastic, I also loved the soundtrack and their outfits, everything about the film was incredible, I definitely recommend!





photo credit: IMDb

King of Staten Island is a semi-autobiographical comedic/drama about comedian, Pete Davidson, growing up in Staten Island after the loss of his father in 9/11 and how he grows to enters the life of a stand-up comedian. Personally, I thought the movie was hilarious and I enjoyed learning more about Pete Davidson, it was such a great story and you should watch it.


The fashion media has been overtaken by pleated tennis skirts, worn with nearly everything. I love the trend but wanted something a little different so I found a pleated denim skirt from Urban Outfitters (it’s no longer avalible so linked here is a similar one), I love how versatile these style of skirts are and how easy it is to make an outfit look cute and put together. 


photo credit: glossier

I recently ordered the glossier lid star in the color: cub, but it comes in 5 other styles. I love how easy it is to apply and there’s no strategy to make it look good. Bonus it makes your eyes extremely sparkly especially in the sun 🙂