My August Favorites

photo cred: Barns & Noble

Literature-The Death of Mrs. Westway

Ruth Ware is a phenomenal thriller author she writes in such detail so you feel as if you are actually there amongst the characters. I just finished The Death of Mrs. Westway but I’ve also read The Women in Cabin 10, which is also really good! But the Death of Mrs. Westway is definitely one of the best books I’ve ever read it was so so good. When I finished I didn’t know rather to cry, scream, or smile. It is such a page-turner from the 1st word to the last you are hooked! 





Entertainment-Beverly Hills 90210

photo cred: Insider

With the reunion show coming out August 8th I’ve decided to start watching Beverly Hills 90210 and is actually such a great tv show, it gives you a look at an older Beverly Hills and what it was like to be a teen in the 90s, especially one, where you go shopping every week, drive the newest convertible, etc. Anyways I definitely recommend watching especially with the reunion coming out this month.  




Music-Pure Heroine Album by Lorde

Photo Cred: Amazon

When the Pure Heroine Album came out in 2013, I was obsessed with all the songs and recently on a car ride with friends I rediscovered my love for this album and have been jamming to all of the songs at the top of my lungs. Lorde has such a beautiful voice and her songs clearly showcase that. 





Fashion-Black Denim

photo cred: Nordstrom’s

Every summer I always buy a denim clothing piece since denim clearly signifies summer. This summer I bought a black denim skirt from Topshop and Black Denim shorts from Pacsun and I wear both pieces all the time, I’m absolutely obsessed with them and think that black denim you can easily pair with anything; compared to washed denim that only matches with certain tops. The skirt on the left is similar to the Topshop skirt I’ve purchased you can buy it here.







Fashion: Baseball Caps 

Baseball hats were my least favorite accessory up until this summer where I now wear my denim cubs hat nearly every time I’m having a bad hair day, heading to the pool/beach, or just want an adorable accessory. They really are a phenomenal accessory especially when your hair (is similar to mine) and have the knottiest hair in the summertime. 

Thanks for tuning into this month’s favorites, hopefully, you try some of my favorites and if you have any leave them in the comments below xx lexi.