This Years Fall Fashion Trends

With the leaves changing colors, the temperatures dropping, and Thanksgiving right around the corner, I’m sharing with you what’s trending this fall.

Black High Top Converses

Photo Credit: Converse

High Tops have always been a shoe that goes with any outfit but this fall/winter especially black high top converse have been in full force with every outfit. These shoes are iconic so go out and where your high tops this season.





photo credit: PopSugar

Mini Mini Bags

I know a bag so tiny it could be Barbies, but these mini bags have been popping up all over fashion week runways and red carpets. Jaquemus has come out with a line of tiny bags as well as plenty of other designers. 







photo credit: Pinterest

Belts are always in style but for the most part its a plain black or brown belt. However, this season arcade belts, chain belts, colorful belts are all in full gear. Worn with everything jeans, dresses, coats, etc. 







Stylish Satin

photo credit: Urban Outfitters

Designers such as Versace and Off-White have come out with different style satin evening wear. Less expensive brands such as Princess Polly and Urban Outfitters have also come out with shorter dresses that can be casual or fancier. 







Those are a few of some styles coming this way during the fall season, have a Happy Thanksgiving! \

p.s everything in this color text has a link to a style/product.