April Favorites

The month of April was jammed pack from spring break, Easter, plenty of birthdays, and lots of long nights with friends. With Aprils busy schedule I’ve become obsessed with some must-have products.

Fashion- Ugg Slippers

With Aprils chaotic schedule sometimes you just need to throw on a cozy pair of slippers. Most styles also have a sole so you can wear them out of the house if you please. Plus they give off such a cute, comfy, carefree sorta look. 



Music-Free Spirt by Khalid

Most of Khalid’s music radiates great vibes, but the Free Spirit Album is everything! It’s the perfect album to make you feel happy and motivated, it also puts you in the perfect mood for summer. I think it’s safe to say that this is my favorite album. 





Podcast-Pretty Basic

I started listening to Pretty Basic when it came out in November, I would listen in occasionally. But this April I started listening to it all the time, its 2 girls (best friends) and they just talk about their lives and its so relatable. I also was fortunate enough to go with my friend to see Pretty Basic Live which was phenomenal and I definitely recommend listening to them it’s a fabulous podcast. 




Food-Homemade Vegan Banna Bread

This April I’ve begun baking a lot more and one day we had a bunch of leftover bananas so we decided to make vegan banana bread. I’ll link the recipe (here). The recipe itself isn’t vegan we substituted the eggs for applesauce (1/4 cup per egg), we also substituted the vegetable oil for coconut oil, and then flour for wheat flour. I know this may make it sound too healthy but it tastes amazing and it’s way healthier than normal banana bread.




Thanks for tuning this into months favorites, I know it’s late but get excited that May Favorites will be coming out soon. I also have exciting news, my friend and I are dropping a podcast called Soul Sisters follow us on Instagram @soulsisters.podcast to stay up to date with release dates, new episodes, etc. xoxo, Lexi!