My June Favorites

I’m forever running late rather it’s to school or a social event I’m usually always late and it has definitely gotten me into some sticky situations over the years but as of the chaotic (and quite gloomy) month of June, I’ve found some fabulous products to help my day run a little smoother. 

Mini Wet Brush

Since I usually wait until the last minute to get ready and leave the house my hair reflects my laziness most of the time because of this, mini wet brushes have become my best friend, they take up minimal space and get the job done.





Lint Roller

I live in black Lululemon leggings and bring my dog everywhere, therefore, my leggings are always covered in dog hair. So I either bring a lint roller with me or leave one in the car. I definitely recommend bringing one with you if you are always running late like me because the worst thing is showing up with lint all over your clothes.





Literature: Murder, Magic, and What We Wore

Books don’t help me get places on time they are actually the reason I’m late most of the time. But I always have one with me in case you are stuck somewhere, waiting for something, traveling, etc. This month I’m reading Murder, Magic, and What We Wore, so far it is pretty good, its a mystery and involves fashion so I love it! 





Music: Cuz I Love You by Lizzo

Lizzo’s Cuz I Love You album is so upbeat and motivating listening to it puts you in such a popping positive mood, I one hundred percent recommend if you need a mood booster!




That’s all I have for you today, thanks for reading hopefully some of these products help your daily life go a little bit smoother. xx Lexi!