Spring Must Haves!

It’s officially April which means spring break is near and summer is closer, so its time to refresh your closet for the new season. As break approaches, we begin to start shopping for our vacation must-haves! 

Marigold Swimsuits 

As we talked about in a previous blog, marigold is the color of the year which means we should all buy a marigold clothing item for spring, such as a new swimsuit. Revolve (for a more expensive swimsuit) and Target (for a cheaper swimsuit) both brands offer a gorgeous marigold swimsuit. 






I recently went to Anthropologie and their Spring collection, especially for dresses, is to die for. The colors are so vibrant from Dark Green to Light Pink, a wide variety of pattern and lengths. All of their dresses have one thing in common they make you want to run free through a castle; they’re the definition of spring! However, Anthropologie can be on the more expensive side so if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative I recommend Urban Outfitters or Billabong for adorable summer/spring dresses. 





Sandals are usually the only thing that looks perfect with dresses and lucky for you Madewell has the perfect pair of sandals that match everything! Usually, with sandals, I would recommend a tan, mauve, white, or black because these colors look more appealing in sandals and they are absolutely perfect with most summer attire, plus they usually match well with all dresses.





Necklaces are absolutely perfect with everything spring and summer related, especially because you’re wearing lighter clothing so the necklaces are visible. I prefer layered necklaces because they look fabulous and accessorized with dresses, skirts, and swimsuits. If you’re looking for a cheaper necklace Brandy Melville and Etsy have great necklaces. 





Bikinis can be the most difficult to shop for because of their sizing and styles. So if you are struggling to find the perfect bikini on a budget I would try looking at Hollister and Target If you are willing to spend a little more I recommend Ripcurl, Roxy, Billabong, and my favorite swimsuit is from a store in Malibu, CA called Marine Layer they have a few different locations but they’re bikinis are phenomenal. You can always mix and match sets as well, for example, buy a pair of black and white bottoms that way so you can switch out a cute pattern top with a plain bottom. 




Thanks for taking the time to learn about the latest spring fashions, as always anything in blue is the link to a product so if you ever want to purchase something I’m blogging about it is linked. Hope you’re enjoying your spring, xoxo Lexi!