What’s Trending: Everyday Wear

I’ve noticed that what’s on the runway isn’t always what’s practical for everyday style this leaves people clueless on what’s really trending, so today’s blog is devoted to informing you on what to wear on an everyday basis. 


       Shoes are a constant battle, “will they match?”, “Are they casual?”, “Are they dressy enough?”, these are some of the many thoughts that go through my brain when deciding what shoes to wear. If you are running errands, going to school, out to eat, or shopping with friends I would go with a classic pair of tennis shoes some of my go-to’s are the Vans checkered slip on’s, a pair of low top Converse/Chuck Taylors, or Filas. However, if you are going to a party, event, dinner, something classier I would go with a pair of heels or strappy sandals. There are a few ways to style your favorite pair of shoes so that they match an outfit. First, if you are dreading the pain that comes with wearing heels you don’t have to you can throw on a pair of clean tennis shoes (you don’t want to wear dirty beat up shoes) with a nice dress or skirt to wear to a fancier event. Second, if you want to wear your favorite pair of heels without an event to go to you can wear heels with a casual outfit to add a little spunk. 


       Oversized Tees are still in and it doesn’t look as if they’re leaving anytime soon, I love to pair oversized tees with a pair of jeans or black Lululemon leggingsBrandy Melville is a very popular brand for teenagers and Millenials, there graphic tees, tanks, and sweatpants are seen everywhere, I personly love their products, so If you are looking for a new clothing brand Brandy Melville is my #1 recommendation. Stripes, this isn’t exactly a clothing article but striped clothing especially shirts are very popular, I wouldn’t advise wearing stripes head to toe but paired with plain colored pants looks amazing! Ripped jeans have been trending for about 2 years now so if you don’t have a pair now is the time to get some my favorite pairs are from Zara and American Eagle.


Accessories are the best way to make an outfit complete. The first accessory that’s been top notch this year are scrunchies, they are a good accessory rather in your hair or on your wrist. Gold Hoops from small to large hoops, right now small hoops have been the most popular in the jewelry department but either make every outfit come together.