New Year New Fashion: What’s Out For 2019

Last week’s blog was the first post to my new series New Year New Fashion, I talked about what’s trending and today we’re gonna go over what’s out. 


Sequins always come back for a split second in December/Early January for all the holiday parties but once the ball drops they are out until next December. 

Sporting one Brand From Head to Toe

Tracksuits, matching sets, or wearing one brand has gone with Santa’s sleigh, try branching out and matching color schemes instead of brand. Some of my favorite colors to wear together are navy and red, yellow and white, or even just the basic black and white.






Neon was in for the first 2 weeks of January and just as people started to sport their favorite 90’s neon it fell off the runway. So here’s a friendly reminder to leave you neon in the ’90s. 

Thigh High Boots

Thigh high boots were popular at the beginning of 2018 and by April and May they were off the shelves, even Ariana Grande has cut back on how often she wears thigh highs. 






Thanks for tuning into the 2nd post of New Year New Fashion, I’ll see you next week with a new post for the series. xoxo Lexi.