Things to do while social distancing

Coronavirus has taken over the globe and health experts are advising social distancing to avoid contracting the virus and spreading it to others. Being quarantined in your house can be fairly boring so here are some things I’ve been doing to pass the time.


Rather it’s just moving around some furniture or completely redecorating with new pillows and paints. So far, I’ve re-done my photo wall and will be painting a bookshelf white, these things sound very random but I definitely recommend it. 


I get it, cleaning is the worst, but start with cleaning your bedroom or reorganizing your closet. In the end, a clean space will make you feel so much better.

Binge-watch tv-shows

This may be the least productive way to pass time but it’s definitely my favorite way. Its been extremely gloomy here in California so bundling up in my blankets and watching Grey’s Anatomy is making me very happy. 

Do a puzzle 

300, 500, or 1,000 pieces, puzzles are a fantastic way to pass time, a great way to work your brain, and you feel very accomplished once it’s completed. A crossword puzzle, sudoku, or maybe even a word search all have the same effect if you prefer. 

Watch a movie 

It could be your favorite movie you’ve watched 1,000 times, a Netflix original, whatever is on cable, or even your favorite childhood movie. They all have the same effect, pass time in a fun and lazy way (my favorite especially if you add popcorn).

Learn a new language 

Download Duolingo or another language app and learn a phrase in a love language, Greek, maybe even Chinese, pick a language you’ve wanted to learn for a while and do it. 

Organize your closet

Watch Marie Kondo and go through all of your clothes, one drawer at a time, following her methods. 


Find a random recipe in a cookbook or magazine and make it, or make your favorite dish.


Pick up your phone and call that one friend or family member that you haven’t talked to in a while or better yet facetime that person and watch a movie, have a fashion show, or just talk to each other. 


Go for a walk with your family, do an at-home workout, or just run around the block. What better time to work towards your body goals or just to feel healthy while being stuck at home.

Knit your grandma a scarf or crochet one, don’t know how…learn to. 

No matter how you pass the time please stay safe and wash your hands!