My Favorite Accessories

My fits consist of lululemon leggings and hoodies or sweatpants a good amount of the time. The only way I can make it look as if I didn’t get dressed 10 minutes ago is by wearing accessories. Here are my current favorite accessories to wear with basic, lazy outfits.

Thick Hoop Earrings

photo credit: Urban Outfitters

I prefer small, thick hoop earrings over large, thin ones because I think it looks classier. They honestly match every outfit from a sleek, all-black outfit to basic sweatpants with a hoodie. These hoops pictured are from Urban Outfitters and seem perfect for all outfits.







Bow Scrunchies

This is another preference of mine, compared with a basic scrunchie I like the way scrunchies with bows or ribbon look. It adds more flair to a hair tie. The Anthropologie set of 3 comes in rust, light blue, and darker blue scrunchies, this is my favorite in the bow style.






photo credit: Free People

Again with the hair accessories, headbands bring out my inner Blair Waldorf but they also bring more effort into a lazy look. With headbands, I like to place them in the middle of my head and pull out the front pieces to frame my face, this way it looks natural yet still go’s with the outfit as seen with this Free people headband