What’s Trending Fall 2018

Fall has officially begun!!! Halloween, colder weather, adorable clothing, pumpkin spice and everything nice comes with this season. With the wind comes the new fashion meaning we all need to update our closets so I’m here to give you the trendiest clothing!

We’re starting off with a major trend this season and that’s the retro trend. Scrunchies, ski sweaters, mom jeans, bell/flair bottoms, and so so many other 70’s clothing are topping the shelves this season. Many of our favorite celebrities support this trend as well such as Gigi Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski. 







The next trend is a clothing brand and that’s………..Brandy Melville!!!! You can’t go anywhere without seeing a person wearing Brandy Melville it’s honestly pretty great. They have everything from T-shirts to accessories. 







Another trend that’s not at its height yet but I’ve been seeing quite frequently is berets. So this trends right in the middle of my scale because you need the perfect beret and it has to look just right with your look so if this suits you then wear it you probably look amazing!







The next trend we’re rating is Gucci belts if you haven’t seen an outfit on the streets, the gram, or Pinterest where have you been? Now even though these are a splurge I think they’re totally on style and they look just adorable with any outfit. 







Teddy Bear Coats 








This is another trend that’s not quite at its height and that’s teddy bear coats.  The concept is a furry polyester exterior and a warm interior making for a must-have fall accessory. 

Thanks for tuning into this edition of what’s trending see you next time with more fun fall posts!!!