Summer Life Hacks

Since it’s summer your routine is pretty altered, so here are some life improving life hacks.

  1. When your about to get out of the shower, turn the water to cold this will soften your hair and minimize your pores.
  2. Stretch for 5 minuets before going to bed. Your muscles will relax and it’ll be easier to find a comfortable sleeping position.
  3. When at the beach or the pool, put your phone in a ziplock bag you’ll still be able to use it but your phone won’t get wet.
  4. Fill coffe creme containers with snacks, when on the go. There easy to poor and won’t get smashed while traveling.
  5. Keep your phone, money, keys, etc in an empty sunscreen container. Easy to find in a bag, won’t get lost, and people will just think it’s sunscreen.
  6. If you use a fitted sheet and put bags and stuff on each of the inside 4 corners, you can put everything on the inside (towels and stuff) and they won’t get sandy.
  7. Take an ice tray and fill each slot up with aloe vera gel, stick the tray in the freezer. That way whenever you’ve got a sunburn you’ll have a nice cold aloe vera jell ice cube.
  8. Put a cupcake liner on top of your drink, this will keep all of the sand out.
  9. For a D.I.Y phone tripod you can take a hair tie and put the hair tie around your phone and your water bottle. This will hold your phone up perfectly.
  10. Use a cargo clip and clip it on to your flip flops and then on to your bad so you’ll never loose your flip flops again.
  11. If you want a cute temporary tattoo, use sun screen and out line a design it could be anything from a triangle to a sun.

Hopefully you can use the life hacks this summer. Remember to subscribe to get a notification every time a new blog post is posted and if you try out any of these tag me on Instagram @fluentinfashions.