My Favorite Styling Tips!!!

Have you ever woken up exhausted rolled out of bed and thrown on a basic outfit that doesn’t match but you just go with it? I’ve been in this situation multiple times and it’s not cute. So here are a couple of my favorite styling tips to spice up any basic outfits.

Statement Jackets

Since we are in the late fall months and winters rolling in, it’s getting much colder, making statement jackets the way to go. Throw on a teddy bear coat, trench coat, bright puffy jacket, anything that stands out and makes you feel powerful is the perfect statement jacket.


If you are wearing any casual outfit that you want to add a little bit of flare but not anything extreme throw on some jewelry. Brandy Melville has a large selection of dainty jewelry, so does Three Sisters Jewelry and Etsy.

Color Themes

There are many color options when it comes to styling. You could go with more neutrals such as white, black, and grays, bright colors, pastels, there are many possibilities when it comes to styling with color.

That’s all the tips I have for today, unfortunately, my imaging software was acting up so there are no images in this post, hopefully, it will be up and running soon! See you next week for a 2019 blog!