D.I.Y Christmas Decorations

You can never have too many Christmas decorations so here are a couple D.I.Y Christmas decorations.

Pom Pom Christmas Tree: Materials Needed: yarn, foam Christmas tree, hot glue, and a fork. You will need to wrap the yarn around the fork about 40 times then take a piece of yarn and tie it around the middle then cut some of the yarn from the top, bottom, and sides this will create a pom pom you will need to make a lot of these. Once you have enough to cover your Christmas tree you can begin to hot glue them all over your tree.

Bauble Ornaments: Materials Needed: Clear bauble ornaments (you can get these at the dollar store) and glitter or paint. These ornaments are super easy to make you can fill the inside of the bauble with glitter or you can paint the inside.

Pillow Cases: Materials Needed: blank pillow case, Christmas cookie cutters or stencils (I hear cookie cutters work best), fabric paint (I recommend fabric paint over regular paint that way you can through it in the wash), and paint brushes. On your pillow case, place your cookie cutter and begin to paint the inside continue this on and you will have a beautiful holiday pillow case.

Pine Cone Christmas Trees: Materials Needed: Pine cones, green paint, pom pom’s, and glitter. Paint the pine cone with green paint and then you can paint or glue pom pom’s on to tree as ornaments you can also add glitter to make it look flocked or like it snowed on the tree.

Sock Snowman (great for little kids): Materials Needed: A white sock, rice, little hat (optional), buttons, fabric markers. Fill your sock with rice and then you can put a hat on it if you don’t want to see the tie they you can put three buttons down the belly you can draw a mouth and nose and use the buttons to make eyes. This D.I.Y is super customizable you can use pretty much any thing to decorate them and there pretty easy to make.

Here is the fashion tip for the month: Try new fashions if you think its not in your style palate just try it on you never know what will happen you might love it!

If you try any of these D.I.Y’s tag me on Instagram @Fluentinfashions. Comment your favorite holiday tradition and subscribe! I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday!